Competition Rebound: It’s Real

For many of us that have been competing for multiple years we have learned that post competition nutrition is an important thing to understand, especially if you do not want to torch everything you've worked so hard for the previous three to four months. I have seen hundreds of competitors just a couple of weeks … Continue reading Competition Rebound: It’s Real

High Intensity Interval Training: It’s Not a Fad

If you're anything like me you don't like spending hours in the gym. You go in, work, then leave. But in this case the work isn't time consuming. People think you have to lift for long hours to see results. If you're trying to make serious gains and change your physique like a bodybuilder then … Continue reading High Intensity Interval Training: It’s Not a Fad

Get Instant Access to Fitness and Nutritional Advice

Need some expert fitness advice? If you are looking to get into shape for the New Year and not sure who to turn to you can click on my button above to ask for my expert advice on fitness and nutrition. With InstantGo you can text a question or make a phone call to speak … Continue reading Get Instant Access to Fitness and Nutritional Advice

Body Empowerment

Ask for my professional advice today!  Body empowerment is loving yourself as you are with the understanding that you are capable of creating a better version of yourself with the right resources to guide you. It amazes me when I meet clients for a consultation and when I ask them why they are here the … Continue reading Body Empowerment

MACROS: Are They Worth Counting?

For more than 10 years I have created individual meal plans for people with different fitness and body goals.  As a nutritionist I believe eating healthy whole foods in the right amounts allow you to have enough energy to perform daily tasks and reach your fitness goals.  Meal plans are great because it takes all … Continue reading MACROS: Are They Worth Counting?